Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i was helping my sister-in-law order on-line fabric one day and she asked how much she should order. my response was to find a pattern and order what you need for that pattern, to which she replied "i just want to swim in it!" there's something about ordering just the amount you need for a project, completing it and moving on to the next. but sometimes you just want to be creative and have enough fabric around to be creative with.

i wanted to SWIM and my sister was the perfect teacher at the right price ; )

here it is...
do you think i'm swimming yet?
how about now???

a few display items for the store...

and a really BIG mess... who wants to clean
when you have all of this fabric to play with???

happy Wednesday!!!

xo sas

Friday, August 21, 2009


i finished the custom quilt i was making. i hope you like it Amy! there were many emails back and forth about fabric and patterns etc. we ended up going with this pattern and a bunch of different fabric lines. i think that it all paid off... what do you think?

Saturday, August 15, 2009


i won't have my blankets quite ready for when the store opens up on wednesday, (i still need my fabric tags) so the store owner wanted to put up a coming soon poster in her shop. who better to call then my brother-in-law CJ. he has MAD skills. i LOVE it! the logo is perfect, the adorable model is my little niece Ida... who could resist those chubby cheeks. i am thrilled!!

thanks so much for all your help!

if you haven't seen CJ's work go check it out, i bet you've seen it without realizing who was behind the camera!

xo sas

Monday, August 10, 2009

brothers wedding

here's some of the pictures i took of my brothers wedding. it was SO much fun pretending to be a photographer! i used my brothers camera and what a difference. it was a dream!

hope you like them, as much as i liked taking them guys!
oh and Trev, any time you need a right hand man (woman) on your photoshoots, you know who to call!

xo sas

Friday, August 7, 2009


hey all,

it's been a little busy around here the last couple of days...

i got a phone call from someone that is opening up her own "brick and mortar" store. the store is located in a new mall opening August 19 and she wants to sell some of my handmade GOODS in it! i am sooooooo excited!

so the past couples days i have been pondering what fabrics and trims to order, i need fabric tags and product labels and all of the other things that come with starting a little business that you don't think about. as you may or may not have noticed my blog title has changed to:


i really liked bebe bobbin but it was confusing to pronounce and there are a few companies
with "bebe" in them around here. my etsy shop will stay the same until i am able to change it over. thanks everyone for helping me choose a new name and thanks to my sister for helping me with the fabric side of things.

here's another little project that has been keeping me busy. i have been making a custom quilt for a great lady. the fabric combinations are amazing and i am so excited to see what it looks like when it's finished (hopefully sooner rather than later ; )

thanks again guys,
xo sas