Wednesday, February 29, 2012

baby keepsake quilt

i had the privilege of making a keepsake quilt out of a babies old clothes! it was difficult at first to decide how i was going to use such small clothes on a quilt, but this is what i came up with!
i was able to use some of the clothes as a full piece, which i think REALLY gives you a sense of how little that little man really was!
it was hard to cut up baby clothes... i guess that's why i haven't yet made my kids one. all of their clothes are in their keepsake bins waiting for a time when i can finally get myself to cut them.
i guess that's why it would be easier to get someone else to make it for you : )

i LOVE the free hand piecing in this one! my inspiration was a collage picture wall. i wanted each one to look like it was framed and important!

hope you like it!

xo me

P.S. i have a keepsake quilt pattern available in my etsy shop! it's not this exact pattern but it will give you the tips you need to get creating your own keepsake quilt!!