Friday, July 31, 2009


i think apples might be the PERFECT fruit. they come in all different variety's, they are very easy to grow, they can be a full meal, they don't make a mess when given to a toddler, they are beautiful to look at, they make delicious desserts and i just recently found out that they can be very entertaining!
there was the biggest rain storm here the other day and some of the apples were nocked down from the tree.

what do you do with apples that are to small to eat? apparently you have an "apple war".

you can imagine how hilarious it was to watch the kids throwing apples at each other. the boys on one team and the girls on the other huck'n apples. there were some near misses and some direct hits that left a few in tears but all in all they had an "APPLE of a GOOD TIME".

ouch... right to the head.

i think we'll stay at the cabin until after the weekend and then header home. it's been really nice to be able to stay or go as we please this summer. very stress free!

xo sas

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


we are just out at the cabin for a little FUN and RELAXATION! it's been really nice to have the kids off for the summer; we are basically doing what ever we want. we are so lucky to have a place to come that feels like our home away from home!

the boys with some of their cousins.

the big group.

we made chokecherry syrup... mmm.

and of course, a little bit of sewing...

have fun in the SUN!!

xo sas

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


here's the quilt complete! the pattern is called a disappearing 9 patch, it was so fun to make and i LOVE how it turned out. i think i'll have to make another one!

xo sas

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

camp, wedding, cold, sewing, anniversary/birthday

and all in that order to.

i went camping with the young women in my ward, what troopers they are. we hiked in, tented it, and then hiked out. the round trip was about 16km, with heavy packs and i didn't here one complaint.
then it was off to the windy city for my brothers wedding, sorry no pictures yet, i took all the pictures on my brothers professional camera... what a dream. i know what's on my list for santa this year ; )
i've had a bit of a cold the past few days, so i've been doing a bit of sewing, here's a peek...

it's my 9 year anniversary today!! i can't believe it's been that long. we're not doing much tonight (on account of the cold) we will have to go out when i'm feeling better.

it's also my nieces birthday! it's an easy one to remember ; ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOK!!!

i'll post some more when i'm done the quilt and have some fun pictures to share!


Monday, July 13, 2009

wedding + flowers

he's always been my "little brother". when he was young he had long blonde curly hair. (so stink'n cute) he use to twirl it in the back. my mom finally had to cut it because he was giving himself a bald spot. we had sleepovers a lot. on picnic tables, play house's... you name it, we would sleep in or on it. and then we got older and i had to save him from my older brother, who liked to "give him the beats". (lol)

i'm SO excited for him! sometimes i look back at my life before i was married and feel like a piece of me was missing, like i wasn't quite complete. now, after being married, i realize that i was missing my "other half". my husband makes me feel complete. (love you hun) i'm so excited that my brother has found his other half, the one that makes him feel whole.
CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! you look so happy together!
we'll see you this weekend!

the colors for their wedding are brown and green so "we" (all the ladies in my family) decided to dress all of the little nieces and nephews in brown and green. my mom and i made these flowers for the little girls. i can't wait to see all of them fancied up in there green and brown gear.

xo sas

Friday, July 3, 2009

baby showers

my mother-in-law is my best customer... she's had a few baby showers to go to in the past couple of weeks so i've been busy whipping her up some fun baby gifts!

xo sas