Thursday, January 28, 2010

i found out...

it is difficult to take a self portrait of your prego belly.
lots of them are fuzzy, the lightings bad, not to mention
trying to take it one handed with the eventual
loss of feeling in your arm. lol
i look a lot smaller than i feel though... that makes me happy!

this one's funny!
it totally looks like i'm checking out my behind...
i don't think i was... i guess i was...

my sister in law's told me the other day that i have
"beaky buns"
apparently it means-
when your "cheeks" ( hahaha) are nice and round...
i guess there is a little more down there then normal. lol : )

i'm trying to think of a really GREAT boy's name...
have you heard any good ones lately?

17 weeks to GO!

hope you had a good laugh ; )

xo sandra

quilt pics coming next week, i think your going to LIKE it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

stamp of approval


it's always good to know after you've spent hours making a quilt
that it has a stamp of approval... even though the recipient
isn't my little boy (seen in the pics) i know this blanket will be loved in it's new home,
where ever that might be : )

the inspiration for this quilt comes from one of my favourite bloggers christina, over at the sometimes crafter. LOVE her blog!

HOW TO MAKE IT: the original squares measured
5" x 5", you will need 108 of these. 9 of those squares are then sewn together. those squares are then cut in the middle vertically and then horizontally to get your disappearing 9 patch blocks. 4 of those disappearing 9 patch blocks are then sewn together to make up your 12 larger nine-patch squares. i used 2 1/2" sashing strips. the finished quilt size ends up being 45" / 60".

to see more pics check here!

Friday, January 15, 2010

oh boy...

this quilt is turning out even better than i had pictured.
i started it during my quilt class as a demonstration on
how to sew a nine-patch quilt block together.
this week i had decided to sew the top together. i must have been inspired
because the next day i got a call from a friend, saying that her mom
was interested in purchasing a little boy quilt.

sold before it was even finished!
i'm going to be sad to see this one go now that it has all come together so nicely!

finished pics to coming soon!

xo sandra

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Blog,

well blog, it's been a while... i've been enjoying the holidays!
sledding, skating, food, pj days and good company...
it was a fun time spent with the people i LOVE.

the NEW YEAR came with a bang! the home done fire work show at the cabin was a sight to remember and of course the day needed to be celebrated with a delicious brunch...
everything was on the MENU!

the past year has been a GREAT one, with thoughts of my son being baptised, husbands mini-tri, a girls trip to hawaii, the starting of my business and my first quilt class under my belt... to name a few.

what's on the agenda for this year, you ask?

well, i just found out that i am carrying a beautiful baby BOY!
due to arrive at the end of May! we're all EXCITED!

my 30th birthday is just around the corner...
how did that creep up so fast? i'm not dreading it though, in some ways i already feel 30. i will embrace it when it comes!

we are going to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in the summer! a lot has happened in those 10 years, i'm excited to see what NEW adventures we have in-store!

my second is turning 8 this summer, which means another baptism!

and of course there will be some quilting (i have a few i can't wait to get started on) some finishing of projects, and hopefully some pattern writing, maybe even another quilt class!

thank you 2009 for the GREAT year!
WELCOME 2010! i know you'll even be better then the last!

xo sandra