Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scottie Dog


my oldest was really interested in doing a sewing
project, so i thought the SCOTTIE DOG pattern by
Denyse Schmidt would be a perfect
pattern to start out with.
he sewed all the squares together a few weeks ago and
today, thanks to the snow, we were able to finish the rest.
i quilted the top and bottom with a thin batting because
it is made out of his dad's old shirts and i wanted it to last.
i really like the way the quilting turned out. the minky
is soft and pretty but i think if i were to do it again i would try to
use a different fabric for the strip. i used fusible interfacing
to take some of the stretch out of the fabric, but i
still found it difficult to match up the front and back.
but he turned out SO cute!

it was a FUN way to spend the day!

i already have takers for a robot from my younger son.

one at a time... that way it doesn't feel to overwhelming
to teach them how and your able to spend
quality time with just them!

p.s. the snow is starting to melt!! yahoo!


i'm going to be adding consecutive shots of our laundry room
project over the next little while. so i thought it would be good
to see


there was a blizzard here last night...
yep! they were on their way to school but
are now stuck in the driveway...

or should i say SEW DAY ; )

xo sandra

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

internal struggle

in every home there is always dishes to be done.
wether you are a person who doe's them after every meal,
or one that lets them accumulate until the point
that they have to be done.

guess which one i am ; )

DISHES : P ...
WELL, it was that time again... (they were coming dangerously close
to touching my fabric. lol)

SO to get motivated i cranked the music, got myself a large glass of root beer and got to it.

now that they are done, time to reward myself...

i think i'll finish cutting out my deer valley quilt!
that sounds like a good way to justify it, right???


xo sandra

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


to my better half !!

we LOVE you!!

xoxo me

(dinner is covered, now what to make for dessert... )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

in transition...

With the new baby on the way, (6 weeks!) we are moving
my daughter back into her room.
which means i am moving my sewing room out of it...
needless to say, theres not much sewing going on around here.
i just haven't figured out where to move it yet ; )

wish me LUCK!

xo sas

Saturday, April 17, 2010

vintage SINGER.

we were doing some running around today...
you know your typical saturday morning stuff.

it's SO beautiful out today!
it's nice to feel the heat from the sun. (thank-you spring)

anyway... we're driving i see a sign for a garage sale
and ask to make a quick detour.

so glad we did!

there were 8-10 old singers there. i didn't think that
i would be one for old sewing machines. i don't
really know much about them, but they are so pretty.
and it's fun to think about all of the projects that have been sewn.

it's missing the power cord so if anyone knows where to
find one, that would be helpful. i would really like to see
if i could get it working.

for $20.00 i just couldn't pass it up!

hope your having a GREAT saturday!

xo sas

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blog giveaway!

just wanted everyone to know that over at
the decor 8 blog, Holly is
giving away 5...
yes 5,
$100 gift cards to Pottery Barn!!

what are you waiting for??? go over there and enter!

ohhh... and if you win, how 'bout sharing ; )


xo sas

Thursday, April 8, 2010

can i be on your blog?

while taking pictures of a quilt that i have been
working on for the baby, my son asked,
"can i bend over the quilt so that i can be on your blog?" lol...
what a sweety... i think he was feeling a little left out after
i took all of those pictures of his sister in her new dress.

LOVE that BOY!!

it just has to be quilted and bound.
i hope to finish it this weekend!

wish me luck! i might have to call in some backup
to help me pin ; )

xo sandra

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

belly thread...

my daughter asked me the other
day why i always have thread on my belly.
it's just something that happens
on a regular basis around here.
you can see how it happens "sew" easily!

hope everyone had a FUN easter

i know we did!

xo sandra

P.S. 8 more weeks to go... crazy how fast it goes.
excited and scared at the same time. is that possible???
still no names...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

all hemmed up!

here is the promised pictures of the project my mom and i were working on, on the weekend. we used the Sandi Henderson Claire pattern. it was such a fun beginner project. i would recommend it to anyone wanting to take the plunge into clothing.

i had a few questioning comments on my choice of fabric, but it turned out exactly how i envisioned it. my inspiration for the fabric choices came from Simone Howell, she makes the cutest bags and purses. i love all of the fun combinations she puts together. why go matchy, matchy, when you can SPICE it up a little ; )

i LOVED making this cutey an Easter Dress!
she looks so beautiful in it and i can tell she feels special.

which is all a mom hopes for when making something for her child...

xo sandra