Thursday, April 28, 2011

TUTORIAL: Decorative Sham

my friend needed some help decorating her daughters room before her twins arrive, so i dusted off my sewing machine ; ) i've had my eye on this sham from pottery barn kids for a while now. this was my chance to make my own version. my kids have already put in their orders for one. so i decided, why not make it into a tutorial!

there are 3 different ways you can choose to finish the back.

1. use a zipper (thats what i did on my back)
2. do a envelope opening on the back
3. leave a space at the bottom of the pillow that is left unstitched. stuff and stitch up the hole.

depending on which one you choose, the instructions will vary slightly
*1. cut 2 pieces of fabric 13"x17".
1 for the front
1 for the back (you can see from the pic that i've already sewn in the zipper)

*2. print desired letter off on the computer. place on window so that the letter is backwards.
*3. trace the letter using heat n bond lite paper. (or your favourite iron on adhesive)
*4. ruffly cut out letter and iron onto desired fabric.
*5. trim around letter
*6. remove paper backing.
*7. place letter in desired location. iron into place.
*8. add a decorative stitch around the outer edge.
*9. using the same technique as you did for the letter (steps 4-8). add any decorative pieces to the sham. i decided to cut out designs from the fabric that i was using for this sham.
*10. lay the top of the sham and the bottom of the sham facing each other. to round the corners use a round edge (i used a bowl) and trace around each corner with a pencil. trim around the corners with scissors. (make sure both layers stay in place while you cut)

*11. cut ric rac to size.
*12. place the ric rac inside the 2 layers. make sure the ric rac is slightly in from the edge and evenly placed. PIN all three layers together. allow a little excess ric rac in the corners so that they don't pull when turned rightside out. i pleated mine slightly.
*13. stitch around the sham. turn inside right and stuff!

any way you do it, it'll look FABULOUS!
it was a fun project to make! if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my little helper*

i hope you had a FABULOUS easter!
i know we did!
there's nothing like a weekend get away...
i always feel refreshed and ready to go
when we return.
this little man is growing like a weed!
i can't keep up with his clothes size : )
he's been helping me with my next project!
i'm currently working on 3 custom keepsake
t-shirt quilts.
* one for a girl
* one for a pre-teen boy
* one for a baby boy!
it was a little difficult cutting up those
baby boy clothes.
they were so TINY and CUTE!
i've made a similar quilt for my niece,
the only difference is that these
are all made with t-shirts.
they are all going to have a
different pattern and fabrics!
i'm excited to see them come together!

now if i can just shake this
head cold...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

*closet organizer DIY

what do you do when it's spring break and you have no plans...

you tackle a DIY project of course ; )

my 2 older boys share a room. it's a decent size but it always seemed like there wasn't anywhere to put anything. they have a large closet but there was only 1 shelf. it was time to add some shelving so that HOPEFULLY their room will be less of a disaster zone!

(toothless annie!)

we've never built anything like this before but found the actual building of the unit the easiest part. it was the figuring out the measurements and PAINTING the shelves that took the most time.

we used:

16" pre-cut MDF shelving
1x2" primed pine for the supports
wood glue
finishing nails (brad nailer)

when i do this again, i'll definitely try to at least prime the shelves before they go in. painting them after is a BIG pain!
doesn't it look FABULOUS! (hopefully it stays this way)
if you need help and would like to try this yourself go over to Ana White's blog and it'll give you plans to get you on your way. we didn't end up using the plans but it was definitely my inspiration! it also helps to have a handy brother to call when your standing in the wood isle in home depot not knowing what to buy! (thanks corey)