Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the CURTAINS that i was working on are almost complete! i just have to hem them.
it was a new process for me so i called in some back up... my friend has made many sets of curtains and she just happens to be very particular at what she does and i LOVE that about her : )
i found curtains to be alot of measuring and remeasuring but once you get to the sewing part it seems to go by fast. i am SO happy with how they turned out. they give a new look to my once colorless, living room!


xo sandra

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ALL filled up!

i LOVE the way my cabinet looks all FULL of fabric!
it's very INSPIRING.

just a little something my friends been helping me with.
more about this to come soon!

hope your having a GREAT day!

xo sandra

Monday, June 14, 2010

my friend was done using her crib and change table, so of course i jumped at the idea of giving them new life. for some reason i have never had a change table. go figure... on the fifth child i get one.

i don't think i will end up using the crib but the change table got a light sanding and some antique white spray paint. i might eventually give it a light sand on the edges but for now it looks great the way it is.

BEFORE (sorry, i forgot to take a pic of the change table so you get a pic of the crib. but you get the idea ; )
this is going to come in handy.


Friday, June 11, 2010

the perfect equation

it takes time to get use to newborn routines again.

yesterday, we were all ready to go to the post office, i went to put john in the car seat and as soon as i did "SURPRISE"! so i changed his diaper, got the boys in the car, drove to the post office, looked around for the package i was going to send... NO package. i guess that's what happens when your functioning on little sleep.

i decided if you want to get anywhere on-time with a new born around, you have to plan to leave 30 minutes early.

15 minutes for baby and 15 minutes for mom ; )

Friday, June 4, 2010

a sling first.

i haven't had a sling with any of my other children, i guess i didn't know they were out there. so when i got pregnant this time around i knew i had to get me one. i found a GREAT shop on etsy that carries a beautiful selection and if she doesn't have the fabrics your looking for she'll make you a custom sling!
go check out Tara's shop at:

you won't be disappointed!



p.s. i can't believe this little man is already 10 days old!