Thursday, December 24, 2009

in the month of DECEMBER...

it was FUN to watch the kids perform their songs, they did a GREAT job!

of course my oldest was the last one at the table when we painted salt dough ornaments. he's an artist in the making!

i had all the cousins that live around us over for a CHRISTMAS party! the kids had a blast playing games, decorating ornaments and watching a christmas movie!

one of the fun things about having all the christmas goodies around is that you can eat them for breakfast. probably not the healthiest but it sure does taste GOOD!

the stockings aren't ready to be hung.... oh well, we'll just have to go back to the dads sock trick for 1 more year. i don't think the kids will mind as long as santa fills it ; )

wishing you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CHILDRENS gift ideas!

how CUTE is this purse! Home Baked Threads has a GREAT shop on etsy where you can find purses, crayon wallets and balls!

these aprons made by Key 2 Life are FABULOUS! if you have a "little chef" in your house these would make the perfect gift! check out her shop for more choices!

these adorable pillows are made by Bella Marie Designs. children LOVE seeing their names... what a GREAT way to make them feel special!

if you have a little artist in your home this is the perfect gift! it holds a sketch book and coloured crayons all in a convenient case. this one is not ready made, it comes as a pattern by The Sometimes Crafter and you can find it here.

here's a fun and inexpensive idea from the OUR HAPPY LITTLE NEST BLOG. what a great way to make a puppet show FUN, EASY to set up and EASY to store. All you need is a yard or two of fabric, and 2 pressure rods. i've also seen this same idea but using only 1 curtain, which works really well as well. either way you make it, i think any child would have fun making up plays or even playing house!

have fun shopping handmade!


xo sandra

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


it's been slooow goooing around here. being pregnant with my fifth and having to hold down the fort has been a challenge. i've been SO tired. i don't want to sound like a complainer, i feel SO blessed, i just have to get use to slowing down and taking it easy. which is difficult when i have a closet FULL of fabric just waiting ; )

we pulled out the christmas decorations the other day and made some salt dough decorations. i noticed our stockings were lacking in the style department and were getting pretty old and dated. actually... come to think of it, i think the kids used my husbands socks for stockings last year. that just won't do, not when i have some leftover christmas fabric lying around. so i decided it is time they got a handmade stocking, just the way they want it. i drew up some possible designs, they added some things to personalize them and here is a sneak peak of what we dreamed up!

WISH ME LUCK! it's going to be a challenge to get them done but i'll "getter done"!