Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm having an October 1st ** HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY ** and your invited ; ) Here's what we're giving away!
A NEW PDF Halloween Quilt Pattern! Triangula... My talented sister made this for me last year, i loved it so much i thought that i would make it into a pattern. It's a FUN and simple Halloween project that will look great as a decoration and also keep you warm on those chilly fall days! It's available in my shop.

These cute little Ghostie Halloween Gift Cards are made by the very talented Lindy, over at Crafted by Lindy. You will receive a pdf file with 6 ghosts per page and cutting instructions on how to make them. How FUN would these be attached to a caramel apple or a popcorn ball for teachers or neighbour gifts!

I have been waiting all year to post about this recipe! We have been making caramel apples as a family tradition ever since my kids started trick or treating. Some times they turned out other times not so much... Well you know what they say "practice makes perfect", i think we've done just that with this apple and i would LOVE to share my caramel apple secrets with you.

SO here's how it's going to work (all winners will be picked by a random number generator):

1st prize: Triangula Quilt Pattern and the Ghosty Gift Tags
2nd prize: Triangula Quilt Pattern

3rd prize: Ghostly Gift Tags

How do you WIN!!! It's easy, just leave a comment about Halloween.

If you would like an EXTRA entry or entry's blog about it, tweet about it, or facebook it!! And just to keep things easy and fair, please leave a seperate comment for each entry that you have done.

Please check back next THURSDAY to see if you are the lucky WINNER!!

Your wondering WHO wins the Caramel Apple recipe aren't you??? Well you ALL do!!! HERE's the pdf file for your printing convenience! ( if your wondering what lily white is, it's clear corn syrup!)

Don't you just love HALLOWEEN!!!

xo sandra


burtons/north said...

halloween, let's see...
one year when i was a tween, around halloween, i became grounded for some reason and i wasn't allowed to go out with my friends. instead, i had to escort my younger brothers and sisters around. it was really fun running into my friends dressed up and having a good time.
how sad and scary is that?
boo hoo hoo hoo

Bethany said...

One year my mom made costumes for us kids to be the founding fathers and their wives. She's amazing.

Alysha said...

those are darling! And I must have that apple recipe!!
and my halloween story - when i was younger my brother and i dressed up once and went out t-or-t'ing and then dumped out our bags, changed costumes and went out again. Anything for the candy!! oh and this is how much i love halloween... back when new kids on the block were huge and my 2nd favorite group, my parents got tickets to their concert and i wouldn't go because it was ON halloween and i didn't want to miss out. lame stories, but it's all i got ;)

Anonymous said...

Lucky me. I grew up at the time you could throw rotten eggs at passing cars, write on windows with bars of soap and leave burning bags of manure on door steps. We had lots of fun doing things you could be arrested for now days. Hey, and I turned out normal "I think".
Please-- I would love the carmel apple recipe.
Sure hope I win the quilt pattern too.
Wendy S

Aaron said...

Since my birthday is right around Halloween I used to always have my birthday parties as Trick or Treating parties!! Well one year (maybe around 13 or so) we got egged by some punks. Maybe it was my mom!!!! haahaa. Have pitty on me, and pick me for the quilt pattern!!!!!

Alysha said...

thanks for the recipe!!!!

US WEEKLY said...

I remember always wanting to be bugs bunny for halloween! The other halloween I remember is.. it was a few days before or after halloween cant remember, but I was home alone and watching a scary movie about how before the Wolf attacked it cut the power out.. well this was out at the bearspaw house, for all of you that know that house you will understand how freaky it was... I went to take a bathroom break and as I was sitting on the toilet late at night all alone....... the power when out! I CAN NOT EVEN tell you how scared I was! I will never forget that..

Megan C said...

Cute quilt! I am also very excited about your apple recipe! Nina facebooked that you were having this contest, so I thought I would check it out! I love EVERYTHING about Halloween. I have 5 kids and we spend all year coming up with a theme for our costumes. I love that my kids get so excited to coordinate their costumes. We also love to decorate the house and we search the stores all year long to find cute decorations for Halloween. . . I believe that Halloween can be cute and doesn't have to always be scary. I love candied apples, caramel popcorn, mulled apple cider, dinner in a pumpkin and of course, all the chocolate that comes with Halloween. It is my second favorite holiday of the year. . . number one being Christmas, of course!

Hailey said...

ooo I'm in!!! everything looks awesome - and seriously, cheesecake carmel apples??? TO DIE FOR!!! can't wait to try them!

well my birthday is on halloween - which was always kind of fun. I never had trick or treating parties - but definitely had some fun costume parties. My mom always went all out for my parties - so fun! I'm sure my brother appreciated halloween - I don't like chocolate so he always got mine too. Funny, he never traded anything back for it *hmm*

Anonymous said...

wow those are really cute. and that apple looks to die for.
i remember having to put snowsuits under my kids' costumes because it would be -20 or colder with a ton of snow. thank goodness for places like Old Navy that make those cute padded costumes so they can stay warm :)

Aunt Ally

embot said...

Maybe I should ll you about the time i dressed up as a clown for my 7th grade Halloween dance at school and when I got there discovered i was the only one in a costume.

Nah, that's just too embarrassing! said...

sooo cute, i can't wait to try the recipe!

What a cute blog!

( lora's friend)!

US WEEKLY said...

Emily I did the same thing! except it was at the church , it wasn't EVEN a dress up event, and I was dressed as the lady from , nightmare before christmas. I think some kids are still freaked of me, it was a harvest celebration, not creepy costumes.

Jillian said...

I remember walking in with blisters on my feet from a night full of trick or treating because no one was allowed to stop before my sugar crazed brother filled his pillow case. Oh those were GOOD times!

xo me said...

ops, i forgot my story! LOL I grew uo in England, where trick or treating isn't very common. When i arrived in Canada ( actually the day before halloween), i begged my now husband that i would be the candy giver out. every time the door bell rang i squeeled with pure delight! I was SOOO excited to see the kids face. it's still one of my most favourite days of the year :)

Lisa said...

One of the most memorable Halloweens was when I was young and my Mom decided we would have "Christmas" as the theme for all our costumes. I was a snowman, my sister Cara was a Christmas Tree and Shauna was a present. They were all homemade costumes and still so cute and clever! I love the homemade costumes very best!!

Lora said...

My favorite Halloween costume was a spider. I filled eight knee highs with batting and then sewed it to a black shirt and put a black nylon on my head with cut outs for my face. I think I was 12. Weirdo!

Twirlie Whirlies said...

I never really liked Halloween as a child. I liked the idea of candy, and I certainly liked eating it at the end of the night, but I never enjoyed "begging" for the treats.

I never put much thought into my costumes. Where we live in Ontario, we often had to wear a winter coat out anyway so what was the point of putting in so much effort if no one was going to see it? So, I often just wore a cheapo Woolco plastic mask. The problem with that was that half the time, I couldn't see through the eye holes to know where I was going. So what usually happened was that I would wear it on top of my head with the intention to pull it down in time to yell "Trick or Treat" to some poor soul. Most of the time I forgot. So there was my brother, who really went all out for Halloween trying to make sure NO ONE knew who he was, standing beside his little sister with a big, unconcealed toothless grin! Boy did he ever get mad at me!

Twirlie Whirlies said...

Tweeted too!