Friday, January 15, 2010

oh boy...

this quilt is turning out even better than i had pictured.
i started it during my quilt class as a demonstration on
how to sew a nine-patch quilt block together.
this week i had decided to sew the top together. i must have been inspired
because the next day i got a call from a friend, saying that her mom
was interested in purchasing a little boy quilt.

sold before it was even finished!
i'm going to be sad to see this one go now that it has all come together so nicely!

finished pics to coming soon!

xo sandra


Alysha said...

love the patterns and colors in it. nice work

Cristin said...

Its lovely! Congrats on the sale! I'm working on a little boy quilt too... for my little boy due at the end of march! I hope to get the top pieced this weekend, and post pics :-) woohooooo!

Cichy's said...

Ooh that is really cute!!!

me said...

Your right, I like it so much better now that we've had a little break from each other. Also it helps to mix it up a little and add some favorites to the mix!

xo me