Monday, February 22, 2010


i just wanted to say thank-you to everyone for all
of the birthday wishes!
we had a great weekend eating good food
and relaxing!
this fancy iron was a birthday gift from my
sister. apparently she didn't think that the hand-me-down
iron i was using from my mom was sufficient! thanks JILL!
i LOVE it!!!

i'll have to show you what my mom got me
in another post. if you print out recipes from online,
it's a must have!




Alysha said...

sweet iron! glad you had a great day.

Lisa said...

OOOOH! That thing looks like it could iron the clothes itself. I loved your post. What a great way to start a new chapter! You have so much to be grateful for! We love ya!!

Aaron and Stacey Salmon said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had fun in Banff!

jillian said...

O.K. now go ahead and break that baby in on a certain hexagon quilt!

xo Me