Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the CURTAINS that i was working on are almost complete! i just have to hem them.
it was a new process for me so i called in some back up... my friend has made many sets of curtains and she just happens to be very particular at what she does and i LOVE that about her : )
i found curtains to be alot of measuring and remeasuring but once you get to the sewing part it seems to go by fast. i am SO happy with how they turned out. they give a new look to my once colorless, living room!


xo sandra


Lisa said...

So cute, I love them!! I have so many windows that could really use that type of TLC! When did you find the time to do this? Great job!

Rachel said...

OOh, that is so exciting to see them hanging up in the room!! Can't wait to come see them in person. You did a great job!!

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

they look so nice Sandra!!

Alysha said...

Looks good! I'm impressed!
I need curtains SO badly in the kitchen - black out ones! it's SOOOO hot in here!

Melissa said...

I love them. I am also wondering how you manage to do that with a new baby.....what is your secret???