Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Quilt

you know those crafting projects that just seem to take on a life of its own. and by the time you are to the finishing point you find yourself out of steam and uninterested because it has ended up taking WAY more time to finish then expected.

my CHRISTMAS quilt was one of those projects.
My sister in law and i started our quilts 2 years ago... they are finally bond! they have slightly different patterns but they are with the same fabrics. check hers out here. it's FABULOUS!
So glad to have checked this one off the list and have it put to good use!


burtons*north said...

sandra! yours looks GREAT! i love the striped binding. just like a candy cane. AND the polka dot background. it is really perfect. way to get it DONE.

Lisa said...

It looks wonderful! All the hard work was definitely worth it! Now you just need to snuggle up with all the kiddos and watch a good Christmas movie!

Lisa said...

Oh, this is really cute- I want to see the WHOLE thing! What is the ric rac doing??

I have a little from this line that I have been saving to make a special quilt for "us"... and I can't decide what to do with it! I can't cut it! I need to get another few chunks so that I can cut the ones I have. LOL!

Alysha said...

awesome! must feel good to check off something on the list ;)