Wednesday, January 26, 2011

learning piano*

now that my older kids are starting to take piano lessons, my 3 year old has shown an interest in playing too!

he's a little young to understand notes, the names, counting and all of the other things that come with learning piano. but he DOES understand COLOR and the placement of the notes on the staff.

how does COLOR come into playing the piano??

good question.

i came across these videos one day and decided this would be a GREAT way for him to learn piano. they use colors on the keys and notes to teach young kids. the best part is, you can print off the colors here for FREE and there is also some FREE printable songs to go with.

there is a book that you can buy. but i thought that if you wanted a cheaper way of doing it, you could buy a beginner piano book and take some pencil crayons to it ; )
it's been fun to watch him randomly go to the piano and play songs. it also has made him feel included in what the BIG kids are doing!

if my 3 year old can play, so can YOURS!!!

now what are you waiting for...
go print it off and let me know how your kids like it.


Alysha said...

that looks awesome. I think I might try that with my kids. Thanks!

Stacey Salmon said...

I so would be doing that if I had a piano. One day I will buy one and put my boys in lessons (and me too!!)