Tuesday, March 1, 2011

office reno on a budget

a room opened up at my husbands office but before he could work in there we needed to give it some TLC. we added bead board, ripped out the baseboard heater, added baseboard and trim and of course a lot of paint.

here's the BEFORE
and the AFTER
what an improvement!! it needs some pictures and things to jazz it up a bit but i think we did pretty good.
i think this little man approves!


Alysha said...

it looks great!! good job.

Stacey Salmon said...

Awesome Sandra. I like the fire place. It will look great when you get some pictures up!!!

jillian said...

Love the office! (but i love the little man MORE!

xoxo me

happy zombie said...

Beautiful redo and I love your taste, Sandra!

craftedbylindy said...

Oh my goodness your little boy is adorable! Super cute!

Love the new look of the office!