Monday, March 12, 2012

keepsake quilt for a teenage boy

it was really fun to take on the challenge of designing a teenage boys keepsake quilt!
his clothes were fun to work with and it was exciting to see it come together!
since the clothes were all very different color ways, i wanted to add bold prints to it for interest and continuity.
each print i added reference's at least one piece of clothing and adds variety and punches of color!

perfect for a TEENAGER!
the backing fabric is one of my all-time favourite prints by Anna Maria Horner! i love the pattern. and for some extra interest i added a strip of the left over fabrics from the front.

hope it inspires you!

xo sandra


Anonymous said...

what an amazing quilt. You really created something wonderful for him. Wendy

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

very cool