Sunday, February 13, 2011

she's got nice lines...

but she needs a little work.

this buffet cabinet has been kicking around my house for a while now. i originally found it at a garage sale, painted it black, never did finish it but it still ended up under my TV some how??? it never really worked well as a TV cabinet so i'm going to repurpose it.
we finished the reno at my husband office but it lacks furniture, so i thought, why not freshen this lady up and give her a NEW home! and because everything is grey lets add a punch of color. my husband's first chose was RED!
so RED it is. i'm going to paint it RED and stain the doors. i hope she turns out the way i picture her in my head... if not, i guess i'll just chalk it up as a BIG learning experience.

*** yes... i'm painting it in my front entry way. it just seemed like the best space. i hope no one knocks at the door ; )

UPDATE* i thought it would be fun to add pictures after each coat to see the progress.

buffet after the first coat.
after second coat.


Laura said...

Looks great so far!

craftedbylindy said...

Oh my goodness, I badly want to do this! We need a dresser and bed side tables and a cabinet at our front door, and, and, and.....I want to find someone old and give it new life! This turned out awesome! What kind of paint did you use? What finish? Give me some tips please! : )