Tuesday, July 21, 2009

camp, wedding, cold, sewing, anniversary/birthday

and all in that order to.

i went camping with the young women in my ward, what troopers they are. we hiked in, tented it, and then hiked out. the round trip was about 16km, with heavy packs and i didn't here one complaint.
then it was off to the windy city for my brothers wedding, sorry no pictures yet, i took all the pictures on my brothers professional camera... what a dream. i know what's on my list for santa this year ; )
i've had a bit of a cold the past few days, so i've been doing a bit of sewing, here's a peek...

it's my 9 year anniversary today!! i can't believe it's been that long. we're not doing much tonight (on account of the cold) we will have to go out when i'm feeling better.

it's also my nieces birthday! it's an easy one to remember ; ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOK!!!

i'll post some more when i'm done the quilt and have some fun pictures to share!



Aaron said...

Happy Anniversary. Yhe quilt looks super cute. Can't wait to see it finished!!

craftedbylindy said...

Sounds like you've been busy!

It's our 9 year anniversary in August. Where does the time go right? Congrats!

Beautiful quilt!

Glad you survived the YW camp! 16kms is a long way! Yeash!

Is the windy city Lethbridge by any chance? I'm from there and it is very windy! haha!