Monday, July 13, 2009

wedding + flowers

he's always been my "little brother". when he was young he had long blonde curly hair. (so stink'n cute) he use to twirl it in the back. my mom finally had to cut it because he was giving himself a bald spot. we had sleepovers a lot. on picnic tables, play house's... you name it, we would sleep in or on it. and then we got older and i had to save him from my older brother, who liked to "give him the beats". (lol)

i'm SO excited for him! sometimes i look back at my life before i was married and feel like a piece of me was missing, like i wasn't quite complete. now, after being married, i realize that i was missing my "other half". my husband makes me feel complete. (love you hun) i'm so excited that my brother has found his other half, the one that makes him feel whole.
CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! you look so happy together!
we'll see you this weekend!

the colors for their wedding are brown and green so "we" (all the ladies in my family) decided to dress all of the little nieces and nephews in brown and green. my mom and i made these flowers for the little girls. i can't wait to see all of them fancied up in there green and brown gear.

xo sas


Jeni said...

sandra, your stuff is so adorable! Where do you find all your fabric? I love love it! By the way, I think my mom just bought that monkey quilt for my son, and I am soooooo excited!!

SAT said...

So cute Sandra, the chocolate brown fabric with the white swirl is the same fabric as one of the girls dresses ... perfect!!

SAT said...

Sandra, I got the other two plaid shirts today in size 7 and 5/6. It was kind of slim pickins' for suits at Burlington though ... we found a plain black suit and also and dark brown pinstripe (very sharp looking suit) I bought both and you can see if you like either. I'll return one or both of them after we get back from the wedding. Sarah

SAT said...

I forgot the price of the suits ... one is $69 and one is $49.

Lisa said...

The flowers are so cute! I love the choice of fabric! Have fun at the wedding!

Alysha said...

those are darling! can't wait to see pics of the kids all dressed up :)