Friday, July 31, 2009


i think apples might be the PERFECT fruit. they come in all different variety's, they are very easy to grow, they can be a full meal, they don't make a mess when given to a toddler, they are beautiful to look at, they make delicious desserts and i just recently found out that they can be very entertaining!
there was the biggest rain storm here the other day and some of the apples were nocked down from the tree.

what do you do with apples that are to small to eat? apparently you have an "apple war".

you can imagine how hilarious it was to watch the kids throwing apples at each other. the boys on one team and the girls on the other huck'n apples. there were some near misses and some direct hits that left a few in tears but all in all they had an "APPLE of a GOOD TIME".

ouch... right to the head.

i think we'll stay at the cabin until after the weekend and then header home. it's been really nice to be able to stay or go as we please this summer. very stress free!

xo sas


Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

That is so funny. I bet the kids loved it! It's not every day you get to chuck apples at your cousins!!

SAT said...

Hey Sandra,
got your message ... we'll watch for your package. Doesn't look like we'll be able to make it to the baptism, overscheduled as usual! Courtney got a job at the theater here and starts this weekend. She's not old enough to stay alone when we're out of the country! Talk soon!

Lisa said...

Audrey and Carter were laughing so hard at the idea of an apple fight! Throw some for them!!