Tuesday, April 27, 2010

internal struggle

in every home there is always dishes to be done.
wether you are a person who doe's them after every meal,
or one that lets them accumulate until the point
that they have to be done.

guess which one i am ; )

DISHES : P ...
WELL, it was that time again... (they were coming dangerously close
to touching my fabric. lol)

SO to get motivated i cranked the music, got myself a large glass of root beer and got to it.

now that they are done, time to reward myself...

i think i'll finish cutting out my deer valley quilt!
that sounds like a good way to justify it, right???


xo sandra


Rachel said...

I usually need to find chocolate and good music. Sometimes it helps to tell myself that I can sew once I'm done. But usually it's the chocolate. :)

Lisa said...

A trade off....if I cook Dave will do the dishes. If he cooks I will gladly do them because that means I didn't have to think of what to eat and that is pretty good motivation. Also a little music always helps every situation!

Brassy Apple said...

thanks for your sweet comment about my latest refashion! :)