Saturday, April 17, 2010

vintage SINGER.

we were doing some running around today...
you know your typical saturday morning stuff.

it's SO beautiful out today!
it's nice to feel the heat from the sun. (thank-you spring)

anyway... we're driving i see a sign for a garage sale
and ask to make a quick detour.

so glad we did!

there were 8-10 old singers there. i didn't think that
i would be one for old sewing machines. i don't
really know much about them, but they are so pretty.
and it's fun to think about all of the projects that have been sewn.

it's missing the power cord so if anyone knows where to
find one, that would be helpful. i would really like to see
if i could get it working.

for $20.00 i just couldn't pass it up!

hope your having a GREAT saturday!

xo sas


Alysha said...

very cool! hopefully you can get it working

Rachel said...

You suck! How come you didn't call me? Just kidding--- lucky find!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, you are like the garage sale fairy!! You find all the best things! Can't wait to see what you create!

jillian said...

Love, Love!

xo me

The Taylors said...

Great find!

Michelle said...

Here's a link for a power cord on ebay. Does it have the foot, or knee control?

Does it have the slide plate to cover the bobbin? Here's a link for that too.