Thursday, November 19, 2009

final QUILT Class

the final quilt class was last night. i'm going to miss it. i'm so proud of all of the woman for what they have accomplished. they came a long way from the beginning. from trying to figure out their feet and bobbin to quilting their quilts. everyone came away from the class knowing there machine's a little better, they were able to sew a little better, and i feel confident that they have the skills to be able to quilt on their own. which is exactly what i was hoping to accomplish with this class.

it was really GREAT to get to know these ladies a little better. every wednesday felt like a girls night out which i will miss. Each quilt was unique and beautiful... it was a GREAT experience.




burtons/north said...

these quilts look terrific! i love it. what a awesome group of ladies.

Marie said...

They all look fantastic! Great job to all the ladies! I wish there was something like that her that I could be a part did a great job teaching them!

Lisa said...

Fun to see these familiar faces. The quilts are awesome!!! I can't believe how great they look!! Excellent job everyone!

Alysha said...

awesome. i bet you all had a blast. cute quilts ladies!

Jillian said...

love the quilts!