Friday, November 13, 2009

time to choose

i have had this baby in a bag since last thanksgiving when my sister-in-law and i worked on it. it was all cut out, and ready to go i just needed to order a little more fabric. well, the fabric came and i decided it was time to get it finished. i haven't put the ric rac and borders on yet because i was trying to decide which combo i wanted to go with. i think i have decided... but thought it would be fun to see which one you liked best.

the PINK ric rac with the polka dot binding OR

the RED ric rac with the peppermint stripe binding

which ONE would YOU choose???

xo sandra


Anonymous said...

Any comob would be cute. I think I'd go red with candy cane stripe.

Aaron and Stacey Salmon said...

I vote for red stripes too!! So cute!!

US WEEKLY said...

I vote the peppermint as well!

Vivian said...

Red!!!!! Although the pink looks amazing, I think the red is the way to go. No wonder you had a hard time choosing.

Cichy's said...

haha I am going to be different...I like the pink with the polka dots! But they are both adorable! Love this quilt! You are amazing! And congrats on the baby! We are so excited for you! How fun that you and Stacey will be having them so close together! Awesome!