Wednesday, November 4, 2009

missing in action

i know... it's been a while. my sister is a regular to my blog, she asked me if i was going to update it anytime soon because she wanted to stop looking at it if i wasn't... i guess that means everyone is probably getting a little bored at looking at the same old post as well. SORRY ABOUT THAT...

when i was in kauai i realized that i spend WAY to much time on the computer. checking for comments, looking for new ideas, surfing blogs, twittering... this list goes on. i needed some perspective and i feel like i got a little when i was there. i LOVE my computer but my house "duties" and motherly "duties" usually end up doubling by the time i get off. and then i feel overwhelmed and don't want to do anything but sit at the computer again... it's a vicious cycle. i'm just trying to brake myself from that habit.

i think being 2 and 1/2 months pregnant could have something to do with my energy levels lately : ) we are excited to have a little one around again! it just means that i need to slow down a little...

my quilt classes have been going so well. it's been fun to teach ladies how to quilt. i had to cancel the class tonight though, we have the flu around here. the last two classes should be in the next couple of weeks. i'll take pic's so you can check out the FUN!

i have a recipe i NEED to share... chuck and i LOVED it, the kids even thought they were fun to eat. i'll post it soon.

thanks for listening,



Lisa said...

Can't wait for another one of your recipes! They always hit the spot! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

jillian said...

Sometimes it's so hard to put 1st things first. But i'm sure you'll never regret one minute spent with your little ones, and i bet in the end you would give anything to have those moments back. Moms Rock!(and so do sisters...)

xo me

Alysha said...

congrats on #5! I'm so excited for you! can't wait to see this new recipe. the last one was a hit and i can't wait to make those apples again... i think later this week ;)