Tuesday, March 16, 2010


nothing is better then getting something you need for
we found a pair of beds out at a garbage dump...

sounds FANCY doesn't it ; )

they were just being unloaded into a shed that is used for items that aren't quite dump worthy. it was definitely a find and these will work perfectly in the two little boys room. i'm not quite sure on the color but the finish on them is so nice that i don't want to ruin them.

Now i just have to wait until this amazing fabric comes out, (coming soon) to make the boys
some matching quilts and i'll be set!



Aaron and Stacey Salmon said...


The Evansons said...

Me and Inga are dumpster diving PROS, need any tips on more great deals? Give us a call!

Lisa said...

Those look perfect! Great find!

jillian said...

Love! Love!

xo me

Sarah Thomas said...

Timing is everything! Way to go, Chuck!