Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ta does and ta dones

all i can say is NESTING is in full force around here.

my husband probably thinks i am going a little crazy.
there are things on the project list that i just can't do myself so
i am having to ask for his help a lot. GOOD thing he is SO good at it!

pictures hung, quilt finished, rooms organized...

there's lots more to do, but things are slowly getting checked
off the list.

10 more weeks to go!


Melissa said...

Sandra, you are making me feel guilty. I really haven't done ANYTHING to get ready for our little babe. AGH!! I wish I would just get into gear...I guess I am just waiting for that burst of energy to show up....maybe I am waiting in vain.

Cichy's said...

Chuck...what a guy! So excited for you guys!

Alysha said...

I feel like I'm nesting and I'm not even prego! There's something about being organized that just feels really good.
Good luck. I can't believe you're down to the last stretch.

Lisa said...

I can't believe it's only 10 weeks away! I'm glad you are feeling well enough to "nest". All the projects look great!

Paula Prass said...

I have such fond memories of nesting. I have a friend who redecorated her whole house for all 5 pregnancies. She had her husband convinced that was normal.

Please send my love to all!

Aaron and Stacey Salmon said...

Can you come nest for me??? I really need to start because I leave hear in a few weeks...ahhhhh. Thinking about it is driving me CRAZY. I feel super lazy lately and dont want to do ANYTHING.