Wednesday, March 17, 2010


we pulled out the GREEN today... me being the exception.
i don't have anything green that will fit around
my protruding belly.

i must be in my nesting phase because i couldn't finish cleaning
my bedroom and bathroom until EVERY nook and cranny
had been wiped. when i say EVERY, i mean even to the point of having
to move furniture to get under everything. don't worry i didn't move it.
i waited till the muscles came home so he could move it for me ; )
it took me ALL day and i'm almost done. i just have to tackle the huge
pile of clothes in my closet...

i hope you had a GREENtabulous day! we had some green waffles to celebrate!

how was your St. Pattick's Day?
what are some of the fun things you do to celebrate?

xo sandra


Aaron and Stacey Salmon said...

I haven't gotten there yet. What to come clean my room! I'm sure it would take you another FULL day.

US WEEKLY said...

I cleaned out the bathroom closet the other day took me all day to.. it felt so good to toss stuff, I have a million other projects to do before I have this baby.